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Tel: 01423-770-757

  • Quality equipment that has been tried & tested for at least 25 years
  • Built to last with many individual features to help in the smooth efficient handling of your sheep
  • Range based on an original design by Poldenvale
  • All equipment is fully galvanised and manufactured to the highest possible standard
  • Modular construction allows various layouts to be assembled


Designed by FARMERS - Built by ENGINEERS


The Mobile sheep handler that lowers to the ground.  This allows easy access to both the sheep and the shepherd.  A small hydraulic hand pump and ram raises the trailer within a few seconds AND you are off to the next flock.

From side view In transportation mode


The Race displayed in basic compact mode

THE RACE:  as shown above is 18' long (9' long is an option).  The width is 1' 6" at the top.  The Race panels can be sloped inwards at the bottom to make the sheep run in single file to the shedding gate or to allow a footpbath to fit tightly.  It should be noted that there are no pop-rivets and no sharp edges to injure the sheep or shepherd.

GUILLOTINE GATE:  The sheep enter through a guillotine gate operated by cord.  A self-catching hook keeps the gate in the raaised position until a further pull on the cord releases it.  The gate will also swing open to allow access to the operator.

THE STOP GATE:  A concertina action on the stop gate allows the sheep to be stopped and released easily.  The open appearance encourages the sheep forward to fill the Race completely.

THE SHEDDING GATE:  This is immediately after the stop gate but separate from it.  This allows a very fast positive shed with the absolute minimum of effort.  The railed design ensures that the sheep can slide past with ease.


With Forcing Pen attached

THE FORCING PEN:  shown above, is comprised of a sheeted hurdle, two curved hurdles, and a swing slide gate that forces the sheep up the Race - it can then be pulled back through itself to get behind the next group of sheep AND can be locked off at a number of positions round the arc, holding the sheep tightly before they enter the Race.

WIDE and NARROW Footbath:  The strong galvanised footbath has welded mesh fastened in the bottom to open the sheeps' feet.  The main feature of the narrow footbath is that the sides are 2' high.  This will reduce the usage of liquid by more than 50% as against spillage over the sides of a standard footbath.

ONE-WAY GATES:  These fit within the Race, normally 1 sheep's length from the front.  They are spring loaded and help in filling the Race to capacity.


Extended view with Penning

A large selection of hurdles, gates in frames, sliding hurdles etc, is available.  These, as with all the equipment, are fully galvanised - but there are no galvanising holes to allow water into the rails.  All the rails are vented through the end posts, therefore ensuring that all the equipment has a very long life.


A wide range of hurdles is available - can be pinned onto the machine for transport.  Turnover crates, weighing machine, wide & narrow footbaths, are also available AND can be carried and used on the mobile handler.

Please request a price list for the full range of equipment  -  Phone Tony Binns on 01423-770-757 for full details.


The sheep enter through a walk through guillotine gate operated by a cord - a self-catching hook keeps the gate in the raised position until a further pull on the cord releases it.  The gate will also swing open to allow the operator to enter the Race.

The Race is 14' long and is adjustable in width from 1' 6" to 4'.  This allows the sheep to be worked either from outside or inside the Race.

When in the narrow position the Race sides can be sloped inwards to fit a narrow footbath or to make the sheep approach the Shedding Gate in single file.



Photos (above & below) showing trailer in narrow position



The Stop Gate is separate from the Shedding Gate allowing sheep to be stopped at speed.  The open appearance encourages sheep forward to fill the race completely.

The Shedding Gate is simple, fast and positive, giving a stress-free shed.


Photo above shows trailer in wide position


  • Of strong box-steel contruction with aluminiium tread-plate floor.
  • Available with or without suspension AND also with or without brakes.
  • 19' in overall length (including towbar) by 6' 6" wide (including wheels).


Sheep Turnover Crate
The Ewe-Turn Rollover Crate can be fitted into any race system. It can be set up for either right or left-handed operation.  The sheep simply walks into the crate and is clamped.

A foot pedal is released to allow the sheep to be tilted towards the operator. It is then just a matter of turning the sheep over where it is ready for attention, with clear access to the feet, head, udder, rear end, etc, without any clutter in the way.
Sheep Footbaths
Narrow Footbath:
8ft long, 17" tall sides, and the ends are 7" and 9". This keeps the solution inside the bath and prevents waste.

Wide Footbath:
8ft long, 37" wide, 6" deep. Complete with a one metre guillotine gate and sheeted side hurdles. No waste or splashes, as hurdles slightly inside bath.

Free standing or in a race or pen. Sturdy and safe to operate.   All footbaths have weldmesh on the bottom to stop animals slipping and to open hooves.
Quality Equipment

Supplied by Tony Binns
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